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Hurry up time, I really need to heal.
It's said that time heals all pain
But really, is that true?
Five years on and it still hurts
just to think of you.
I looked up to you, relied on you.
You were like a sister, not just a friend.
So why then was I the last to know
when you reached your awful end.
I may have been only 11 years old;
considered too young to understand.
But honestly I would've preferred being told,
than being left alone to stand.
I often wish there was a way
that I could see your face,
or possibly some miracle
allowing me to take your place.
A mere 14 years you had lived,
with a future already planned.
It was filled with wonder, excitement, joy and fun.
Nothing seemed too grand.
I'll remember your words of advice
you told me each and every day:
"Follow your dreams, let your heart run free.
I will always be with you, come what may."
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Who can I be if I can't be me?
I like who I like
But I shouldn't like who I like
That's what I've always been told
"It's not right,
it's not natural
it's disgusting, makes me sick"
are just a few of the things I've heard
But honestly, I don't understand
how love can ever be wrong?
If I want to please you I can't be myself
and if I can't be myself, who can I be?
Tell me mother, who can I be?
Because I sure as hell don't know.
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Giving up
During the process there is no realisation. You do not see what is truly happening, the pain you are causing, the hope that is faltering, the love that you're losing. Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it's like you're awakened from a daze. You find that you are alone, that you have pushed people away. It's a frightening prospect. It can happen slowly, silently. It remains hidden until the last moment when finally you understand what is occurring, and then you must make a decision: fight or concede. This is the turning point. This is the moment that can make or break you. This is when you decide: is it worth it?
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Some friend you are,
with your fickle lies and painful words.
Oh, how many nights I cried,
do you know how much it hurts?
You think it's alright,
just because we've never met.
You place the blame on me,
that; I'll never get.
You caused these scars on my skin,
these tears on my cheeks,
these horrific thoughts,
and these tormenting memories.
Thanks, dear friend,
for causing all this pain,
time may go on,
but the memories remain.
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Photoshop fun - eye. by Tushies Photoshop fun - eye. :icontushies:Tushies 0 7


burn by margeritta burn :iconmargeritta:margeritta 23 6
Staring ahead into the black
My eyes clouding from tears
I only wish that I could go back
A time I thought was dear
I tried to stare into the distance
Looking for a light
But as I saw there was no way out
My heart filled with fright
I sat in such a quiet place
Coiled up, scared and cold
I screamed but no one answered
I was sure I was alone
From all the shreiks and screams
My voice was cracked and dry
From all the endless tears
I could no longer cry
I felt so lifeless
Although I was alive,
I felt like I was rotting,
and already dead inside
One more scream escaped my mouth
A scream so loud, it'd scare
I then began to choke
I was running out of air
As I closed my eyes
I then fell to the floor
I could no longer scream,
and my muscles had grown sore
The clock was ticking
And my death drew near
And I knew there was no way
to escape from here
A stray tear trickled down my face
But there was no more time to cry
For I coiled up into a ball
And there I lay to die.
:iconmakoto573:Makoto573 2 8
My life is a masquerade
In which costumed figures
      ignore me
But I could care less
For I loathe their
:iconkiosma-0-0:KIOSMA-0-0 1 0
Music pounds in my ears
The blade laying next to me
Blood red it stares at me asking for more
Tears fall down my face
No one FUCKING cares
My fingers make their way to the knife
One, For him. For what he did.
Two, for me. For trusting him.
Three, for them. They don't understand.
Four, for the parents.  They don't care.
Five, for hell. It's where we all go.
Six, for the end. All this we be over soon.
An "X" here for the personal shit I told him.
The pain. The hell. The closure this brings to me.
God fucking god. Why!? Why the fuck did you give me this living hell!
You asshole! I hate you. You fucking bastard! You motherfucking dick!.......I love you....
The blood is a pool.
Dripping. Unending. The dizzyness from it  brings me away. The not real feeling. End it now.
I hate you. I hate you. I hate me. I hate for trusting you. I hate for I poured my life out to you. I Hate how you made me blind, so I couldnt see what they were trying to show me. Oh hell... I lov
:iconsharta-drappa:Sharta-drappa 16 8
Cutting Days
Do you remember those days?
I sure do.
The days where I'd wear long sleeves or armbands no matter what the weather.
cover the scars with tons of make-up
Make up stories about the cuts on my arms or legs
"The cat did it"
"I got it shaving"
"I fell in the woods"
Stupid excuses like that.
I remember the days
when people would whisper when I walk in the room.
The days when people called me a freak
or a emo
or a attention whore
or a psycho
just because I cut myself.
I remember the days
That I'd hide my razors
clean the blood off the floor
wash my bedsheets late and night so no one saw.
I remember the days
when I couldn't sleep without cutting myself
I couldn't think without cutting myself.
The days when my life revolved around self inflicted injury
I'm sure we all remember those days
whether you did it for 6 months or six years
whether you cut 4 times a week or 4 times a day
whether you cut deep or shallow
we all remember these days.
I also remember the day when I decided it wasn't worth it
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 94 72
Fucked Up Freak
Do you see the cuts and scars?
She loves painful bliss.
She's a masochist
She's a masochist
Do you see how she likes the chains?
And she likes the blood and whips.
She's a sadist
She's a sadist
You see how she spends hours watching sex
Some people call her sick
She's an addict
She's an addict
You see how she fucks and flirts with everyone
She loves the crazy smut.
She's a slut
She's a slut
You see how she threatens and curses
And how everyone calls her a bitch.
She's sick
She's sick
You see how everyone uses her
even when she says no but he forces her to the floor
She's a whore
She's a whore
You see how everyone says she's a sinner
because its not men she likes
She's a dyke
She's a dyke
You see how she can never love
or ever feel bliss?
She's heartless
She's hearless
You see how she keeps away from everyone?
See how her heart's stone?
She's alone
She's alone
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 13 1
new york city. by berrytea new york city. :iconberrytea:berrytea 382 83
I may be recovered
but I'll never be cured.
It still bothers me everyday
and sometimes I can't ignore.
Its hard to pretend
it doesn't bother me.
Because I still want to be pretty
I still want to be skinny.
I still want to starve,
Purge, and die.
I still feel like I'm ugly
and that makes me want to cry.
I still try to fight the feelings
I still count every bite.
I still feel bad about how I look
I still cry myself to sleep at night.
Everyday I feel ugly,
like I want to give up.
I still want to just sleep
and never give a fuck.
It bothers me that I'm not pretty
But I have to fight how I feel.
I just pray to the Goddess if I stay strong
I just may heal.
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 7 3
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
hellohello, my name's Yasmin and I'm 17 years old.
currently studying A-levels and truly hating it.
I adore design and music (and yes, they are pretty much my only hobbies).
I'm waiting for the day that I can look out of my window and see the one and only New York City.
I just joined this site to look at beautiful photographs and read poems, not really for my own creative purposes.
send a message my way, I love chatting.

Current Residence: England
Favourite style of art: Impressionism
Operating System: Vista, sadly
Personal Quote: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


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